The family home is a major asset, and in order to keep it in good order, regular maintenance is necessary. The roof should be inspected at least twice a year, and any broken or missing tiles replaced, and the exterior surfaces also need to be maintained. If your home is painted, it will need attention every few years and that can be quite expensive, yet it is necessary if you want the asset to appreciate in value. Modern painters have a range of solutions for exterior painting, and with excellent protective properties, the structure of the building will always be shielded from the elements.

    Texture Finishes

    Texture coating is an effective method of covering the exterior surfaces that is durable, stylish, and very long lasting. Barker Whittle has been an authorised provider of Dulux Acratex for 20 years, and with our hands-on experience, we know exactly how to mix and apply this amazing product. Dulux Acratex can be rolled, sprayed, or troweled, and it can be applied to almost any substrate, making it the ideal choice if you wish to revamp the look of your home.


    Texture coating provides a water proofed surface, something you won’t completely get with paint, as some are more water resistant than others. Water seepage causes damage to exterior walls, and to have a waterproof coating over the entire exterior surface, is ensuring that the structural components will remain dry over the years.

    Repainting the Exterior

    Many people are happy with the look of their home, and have no desire to make any changes, so the ideal solution is another coat of the same, along with any preparation that needs to be done. Exterior walls take a lot of punishment, and it may be necessary to fill cracks and chips prior to the repaint. Western Australia can conjure up some extreme weather, with high UV levels and very salty air, which has a corrosive effect on everything, including paint. We have been painting exteriors for more than 20 years, and can advise on the best materials, whatever the environment. Using primers and sealers, it is possible to provide a high level of protection, and with the elasticity to endure the building movement that occurs between summer and winter, the surface will be long lasting, and therefore cost-effective.

    A Chance for Change

    One of our in-house consultants would suggest products and with a full colour range, you can change the ambience of the home at the same time. The great thing about an exterior repaint is you are adding to the value of the property, while also receiving the added protection that comes with the latest products. Many homeowners are unaware of just how many variations you could have, which allows the creative side of you to get to work.

    Happy to Help

    At Barker-Whittle, we are happy to talk to anyone who wishes to enhance their home, and with many years of hands-on experience, we can provide the ideal solutions, whatever your needs, so feel free to contact us at any time.