If the outside of your home is painted, this will be a job that has to be repeated every few years, and like most people, you will more than likely stick with the same colour and just give it another coat. While there is nothing wrong with that, there are alternatives and more and more homeowners are reaping the benefits of texture coating.

    Dulux AcraTex

    This is the state of the art texture coating, and we at Barker-Whittle have been using this product for many years. It is ideal for any masonry substrate and gives a high level of heat reflection, which keeps the interior cool in the hot summer months. This coating can be applied by troweling, rolling, or spraying, and with the right preparation, it will bind with the substrate and provide an essential seal between the elements and the interior. Due to our long association with Dulux, Barker-Whittle are authorised to provide a 5 year warranty on the application of all Dulux products.

    Create Depth

    Texture coating gives a building depth and contour, and it hides any uneven surfaces, which is why so many people have made the switch from traditional paint, which is not completely waterproof and requires regular attention. The look of a property can be transformed with texture coating, and with the right preparation and application, it will protect your home for many years.


    Texture coating reflects more heat than paint and this means cooler interiors in the summer months. Dulux have always been at the cutting edge of paint development, and texture coating is an extension of that. The coating has a higher level of elasticity that regular paint, and this prevents cracking and splitting, as the masonry expands and contracts. With a better insulation, your home will be a little warmer during the cold months, as the texture coating will reduce the heat loss through the walls.

    Low Maintenance

    If the texture coating is applied correctly and the substrate has been prepared, then it will give you many years of faithful service, and the extreme temperatures of Western Australia will not damage your home, which is a major investment. Barker-Whittle offer a 5 year warranty on all Dulux products, so you can pretty much forget any maintenance for a while.

    Aesthetic Benefits

    Texture coating can really transform the exterior of a residence, and with a huge range of colours and different methods of applications, you can find a unique combination of shade and finish. Some homeowners have texture coating applied when they wish to sell, and more often than not, it will be the deciding factor.

    Although we are master painters, Barker-Whittle realises the importance of texture coatings, especially in the harsh Western Australian climate, and through our long association with Dulux, we can offer the very best coating that will protect your home for many years to come. If you would like to know more about texture coating, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.