Everybody has had those sleepless nights where the thought of getting a little shut eye is ironically keeping you up. Sometimes, it’s because of the coffee break you took a little too late in the day, too much TV, or maybe it’s because of your neighbours and their party that got extended long after your bedtime.

    But what about those times when your sleeplessness is caused by the not-so-obvious things? Well, according to home decoration experts, it might be due to your bedroom’s design and décor. A 2013 study by Travelodge found that the colour of your bedroom could be affecting your sleep, particularly how the bedroom colour scheme correlates to the average amount of sleep per night.

    Bluer Than Blue

    Feeling blue may not be that bad at all, especially when it comes to getting some shut eye. Bedrooms with this colour tend to give you the most sleep time — almost eight hours on average. You also have better chances of waking up happy and positive in blue-coloured bedrooms as this shade is linked to calm, soothing feelings. It is also thought to slow down the heart rate and reduce blood pressure, which then results to better sleep.

    Yellow There

    Bedrooms in yellow, green, silver, and orange colour schemes are also good for sleeping, with people who choose these colours clocking in at least 7 hours of sleep a night. These hues give you a better sleep because they are calming and easy on the eyes.

    Purple Haze

    In contrast, purple has been identified as the absolute worst colour for the bedroom. People who sleep in rooms painted with this hue reported only getting an average of 5 hours and 56 minutes of sleep per night.

    Sleep experts say the colour purple stimulates the mind’s creativity, while grey and brown (also on the bottom of the list) are too dreary and depressing, which all likely add up to a night of tossing and turning.

    Of course, this is just a pattern, and results are based on a random sampling. It’s still okay to put your sceptic’s hat and go with whatever colour you love. The important thing is you love the colour and that it’s applied perfectly to your room.

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