Find yourself in charge of buildings that need a facelift? When you’re fresher in the business than that lick of paint on the walls of the prestigious school, museum or business park… Well, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some handy tips on how to avoid common pitfalls of managing a large-scale painting project — drawn from our more than 27 years in the business.


    • Workmanship


    There’s a reason businesses specialise in commercial painting — it’s more complex than it looks. Hiring a company to manage that part of your facility’s maintenance is perhaps the best long-term approach. Prioritise working with commercial painters who aim to grow long-term relationships — they’re less likely to let you down. Developing a relationship with an experienced, specialist contractor means you’ll fast grow a network of service providers whose workmanship you can rely on. This saves you the time, money and hassle of the trial-and-error that comes with cheaper, less experienced or in-house teams.


    • Materials


    It pays to know what materials your commercial painting service intends to use. Any premium, trustworthy service provider will be happy to share what they intend to use and why. This allows you to make an informed decision about the value of their service but also serves to guarantee their work. Working with commercial painters who use high-quality paints and materials might cost more initially, but will save you money as their work stands the test of time.


    • Health and Safety 


    The health and safety of everyone in your facility is paramount. The same must be said of a reputable commercial painting company — employee safety must be top-of-mind. The flipside is that their team arrive suitably trained and qualified not to cause danger to anyone due to negligence while on your property. Confirm with your intended service provider that the entire team on your property are appropriately qualified and registered with relevant registration boards and that they are fully insured. If they hesitate to provide proof of these records, it may be better to find a more transparent company.


    • Schedules


    Being responsible for a business park, school or similar facility often comes with the stress of juggling maintenance with the need to keep up “business as usual.” That’s why it’s important to work with a commercial painting service that helps you keep disruptions to a minimum and has a reputation for sticking to deadlines. This ensures you build a reputation as a facilities manager that keeps things going effortlessly, despite the necessary inconveniences of regular maintenance due on any large property.  


    • Quality Assurance


    The key differentiator between commercial painting services are the quality assurances and guarantees they’re willing to provide. Ask around for guarantees on workmanship, and about inherent guarantees or warranties that come with their chosen materials. A standard form of quality assurance would be to work with an experienced company who are members of a guild or Master Painters Association. Again, check any claims against the hard evidence of a certificate or registration number!

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