Domestic Painting Services in Perth

No home is complete without a visit from the Barker-Whittle Paint Team — the most professional domestic painters in Perth. Known for our reliability and expertise, our reputation is forged by a 27-year history, painting Perth residential properties of all shapes and sizes in the outer and inner suburbs.

How do I obtain a quote for domestic painting services?
Our friendly sales team will address your enquiries. Contact us and provide a brief overview of your painting requirements. After getting all information regarding your paint services, our team will provide the most competitive quote to suit your needs and budget.

Do you provide exterior and interior painting?
Yes. Our domestic painting services aim to enhance the aesthetics of any home, regardless of locality, finish and budget. Whether you’re planning to enhance the interior or exterior painting of your property, our residential painters will complete the project based on your preferences. We strive to finish the job on time and go beyond client expectations to achieve unmatched workmanship. Apart from domestic painting, we also provide services for commercial properties.

Does your service cover paint and colour consultancy?
Yes. As a premier provider of domestic paint services, we ensure clients receive honest, sound advice when it comes to paint products, colour schemes, and textures. We provide all the necessary product, equipment, and manpower to complete the project on schedule.

We’re also among the few painting companies that have certification from Dulux — we’ve met the strict criteria for reliability and workmanship. We’ve also achieved high industry standards for safety and environment friendly practices.

As part of our services, we offer professional five-year warranty as a guarantee the coating system will not peel, blister, or flake due to substandard application or faulty surface preparation.

What suburbs in Perth do you service?
Location is not a problem with Barker-Whittle. No matter where you live, our team is willing to travel across Perth to reach you. We provide services in both metropolitan and regional areas — we even travel offshore and remote project sites for commercial paint services. Some of the recent projects we’ve completed include:

What quality of workmanship can I expect from Barker-Whittle?
Barker-Whittle takes pride in employing only the best qualified and experienced painters to ensure our reputation as the leading choice for domestic painting services in Perth. Our success is based on your satisfaction, as we go beyond industry standards to provide innovative paint services. We don’t subcontract our work — our paint team always has updated police clearance and public liability insurance to give you peace of mind during projects.

What are the factors to consider before requesting a quote for domestic painting?
Barker-Whittle will prepare a series of questions to ensure clients will receive a comprehensive quote for their domestic paint services:

  • How many rooms do you want us to paint?
  • What is the condition of existing surfaces?
  • Do you have furniture or equipment that might need to be moved?
  • What is your preferred schedule for the project?
  • What is your estimated budget for the project?

Do you offer ongoing maintenance programs as an added service to domestic painting?
Yes. Our work doesn’t end once the domestic paint project is complete. As we aim to establish lasting relationships with clients, Barker-Whittle makes efforts to keep homes looking their best even after completing our painting service. Once you sign up for our maintenance programs, you can schedule annual or a six-month contract to prevent marks, cracks, and dings from damaging your home’s finish.

For DIY domestic painting; what is the best way to clean and maintain my paintbrushes and equipment?
Our paint experts recommend these simple steps to maintain your brushes and equipment:

  • You don’t always need to rinse your brushes in between every coat. A good way of conserving paint is by placing your brush or roller inside an airtight bag to allow the first coat to dry. Through this practice, you can use the brush for the second coat without washing out the paint.
  • Another way to conserve paint is to scrap excess paint from the roller or brush using a putty knife.
  • Use warm water for water-based paint and solvent for oil-based paint when washing your brushers or rollers.
  • Let the roller dry naturally. You can also use disposable sleeves to save time when drying oil-based paint from your rollers.
  • Do not dispose of water with paint residue in the sink or drain. Instead, throw away soiled water in the garden to minimise environmental impacts.
  • Collect and dispose of used rags and paper with oil-based paint, as these may be a fire risk.

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