When it comes to the aesthetics of your exterior walls, the two things that probably come to mind are paint and coat. There is another option, however, apart from the two that many homeowners tend to overlook: plastering. This wall finish adds style and texture to the exteriors as it can be moulded into any form or design that befits the overall decoration of the house.

    If you’re planning to renovate or build a new house, consider wall plastering, which has many advantages you can benefit from.

    Remarkable Appeal

    Unlike painting and coating, plastering is not a one-dimensional wall finish. It can stand on its own without looking a bit off or boring. Basically, you have full control on how you want the design to be. It can go from simple to fancy. You have more choices when it comes to creating designs and styles.

    Boundless Designs

    There’s no limit when it comes to the design of your plaster. The most common designs homeowners choose are the corners and arches on the edges of the walls, where you can still spice up with different shapes. You can add forms of flora, Renaissance Era-inspired decoration, or anything that fits your taste.

    Exceptional Durability

    The resilience of this product isn’t in question as its durability goes beyond that of a dry wall. There’s more to plaster than just beauty and art. It can withstand weather elements, saving essential amounts of repair and restoration costs. When water escapes the mixture, a chemical reaction takes place.

    Easy Application

    Another benefit of wall plastering is that it’s not that complicated to install. Unlike dry walls, it doesn’t create loads of dust when sanded and cut. Professionals can start and finish applying this in a shorter timeframe because multiple coating isn’t required and it dries up quicker than painting and coating.

    A house reflects the kind of people living there. Making the exterior walls of your house look its best is definitely ideal for all homeowners. At Barker-Whittle, we offer plastering services for your home, whether it’s for renovation or a new house. As a seasoned painting company, we can deliver high-quality projects that suit your design preferences. Contact us now and see how we can transform your home.