Many studies show that colour has the power to evoke emotions and create certain atmospheres in an area. The concept of the psychology of colour emphasises the importance of the right palette for your home.

    Here are some tips on creating your house’s colour scheme:

    Stick to Your Style

    Your home should reflect your personal style. Check the colours of the clothes you wear, along with the furniture you buy. Using these as your inspiration, craft a palette you truly like.

    Emulate the Earth

    If you will observe the Earth’s natural design, you’ll see that colours lighten in hue vertically – the skies are blue-white while the ground sports dark, neutral tones. The same should go with your colour scheme: use darker colours for the floor, and employ lighter shades for the walls and the ceiling. This will maximise the space you have and create the illusion of spaciousness.

    Observe the 60-30-10 Rule

    The 60-30-10 is an interior design concept that should factor in with your choice of colours. It states that there should be a dominant colour in the area that will take 60% of the space and 30% allocated to a secondary shade. The remaining 10% is for the accent colour, which can finish the overall feel and appeal of your home. Its concept is simple and highly effective in designing, as it balances different hues and provides an interesting accent.

    Know the Colour Wheel

    Shades that are near each other in the colour wheel such as red-yellow and blue-green work together. It’s best that you study the colour wheel before deciding on a certain scheme to create a harmonious pairing of shades.

    Understand Your Home’s Architecture

    At the end of the day, your home is still the canvas, which makes it imperative to observe its natural architecture. The home’s design will dictate which elements are suitable as accents and which ones are best left plain. Consider the lighting in the area for a better balance of elements.

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