We love having fresh looking paint all year round, but it’s rare to find homes that have lasting paint job. That is where we come in.

    Great paintwork should start from the first application, the very first coat when you had your new home painted. To keep your wall paint pristine all year round, you have to give it extra care. The challenge is to make your home look as if it is always getting a fresh paint every season.

    Here is how you can preserve the sheen and gloss of your paint:

    1. Clean the dust off your walls — Dusty walls make your paint appear dull and faded. Some organic particles stick to the surface, which cause the gradual chipping of the paint. You can wipe the dust and cobwebs with microfibre cloth. As it is softer than most rugs, a microfibre cloth causes less abrasion to the paint.
    2. Make your own wall wash soap — Most soaps on the market today contain harsh chemicals that strip off the thin layers of paint and sealants on walls. Look for soap recipes that contain no perfume and have borax or ammonia.
    3. Wash high-traffic areas — You don’t have to wash the entire room; you can simply focus on the walls that have high exposure to dust and weather. Using a soft cloth, apply a portion of the homemade soap on the wall. Wipe with wet microfibre cloth to spread the lather. Use a separate cloth to wipe the wall dry. Never wash with trisodium phosphate, as this chemical can dull the paint.
    4. Touch up damage — Touch up damages as they occur. Sand and feather paint the surrounding area with the exact colours as the existing ones. You can always call our tradesmen to help you fill the holes or cracks on your wall paint. If the crack is caused by a leak, you must address that problem before applying touch-up paint.

    Make your paintwork last for a long time and amplify the beauty of your walls. Contact us, and we’ll provide you with more tips on keeping your home paint looking its best.