Every colour has its own personality — from the energetic red hues and lively yellow tones, to the laid-back shades of green. But, if you’re looking for something that instils a sense of calmness and peace in your home, neutral shades make the perfect choice for your interiors. With their cream-coloured tones, these shades will give your mind and body a respite once you walk into the room.

    Listed below are neutral shades that can turn your home into a peaceful haven:

    Soft Blue

    The soft tones of pale blue can remind you of the tranquil ocean, the clear sky, or the gentle breeze on a warm summer day. With their mild shades, soft blues evoke contentment and tranquillity, while providing your space a serene and flexible backdrop for your preferred interior scheme. These shades work well as background or accent colours for the bedroom or a nursery.

    Light Brown

    Brown is the epitome of nature, giving interior spaces a touch of the great outdoors. Light variations of this tone inspire peace and comfort, while featuring just a bit of colour to bring life into the space. The best thing about light browns is you can mix and match them with other tones to create the perfect palette that is reminiscent of comfort and uniqueness. You can have aqua blues as your background with hints of light brown to provide mild accents to the space.


    Purple can be an intense colour, but right at the end of the spectrum lies a dustier shade that defies purple’s intensity. Lavender provides a more calming effect than its darker counterparts do, creating a tranquil and romantic backdrop for your interiors. This colour is perfect with softer tones of blue and white, as the combination adds a feeling of comfort without making the space look too dull for your taste.

    With a little chromatic intervention and inspiration, neutral shades offer infinite subtleties for your home’s comfort. To get the best combination of neutral tones for your space, contact us today. We’ll be more than glad to show you the best ways to experiment with these colours.