The biggest threat to a good house painting job? Lack of preparation. From using the wrong kind of brush, to forgetting to buy enough paint and choosing a bad colour scheme, most painting mistakes trace back to lack of prep work.

    If you want to make your next painting project a success, make a solid plan and prepare everything you’ll need for the job. Here are the most common house painting mistakes you shouldn’t commit and how to prevent them:

    Underestimating How Much Paint You Need

    You bought three cans of paint to give your bedroom a new look. But it’s probably not enough, especially if you’re painting all walls in the space. You’ll need two cans of paint for a chair, three for a table, and a gallon for a 400-square feet wall.

    Pursuing Trends

    Trends are only good for a period, so never mind the “hot” colours this year. Choose hues that make you feel good; those that create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Neutrals are a safe choice, but select bolder hues if you want to bring excitement to your living space.

    Investing in Inferior Applicators

    Choosing high-quality gallons of paint isn’t enough. You need to complement it with good brushes and rollers if you don’t want to see lumps of roller lint under the paint, or strands of hair sticking on your walls.

    Painting a Second Coat Too Soon

    Admit it: when it comes to painting, you want things done as soon as possible. But applying the second coat too soon can mess up the whole job; it results in paint pulling off and visible brush strokes. Check the paint for instructions on when to apply the second coat.

    Skipping the Tape

    Using painter’s tape is the best way to achieve straight lines. If you don’t have the skills to get straight lines around windowsills, woodwork, and doorframes, grab a painter’s tape and get the clean edges you want.

    A house painting project is a great way to update the look of your living space, but you need to prepare well to achieve the best results. If you think you need help, contact us today. We’ll help make your home more stylish, relaxing, and comfortable.